Who is Le Fine Cleaning?

Le Fine Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. It is operated by a husband and wife team that are involved in every aspect of the business, from the quote to the actual cleaning and all the way to the billing and administration work. We realize that nobody is going to care about our business like we do, and for that reason we prefer to remain completely involved in all aspects. At Le Fine Cleaning, customer service is our main goal. After working and researching the cleaning business for years, we have found that the main issue with most cleaning services is that they seem to have such a high turnover rate. This creates a problem with consistent service. We realize that clients expect consistently good service. When you are constantly training new employees ,this not only creates a problem for the company, but also a problem for the customer with consistent service. One of the main issues that contribute to this problem is a poor pay rate. We realize that working for minimum wage is only going to keep someone around long enough for them to find a better paying job. We understand that an employee is going to do a better job when they feel they are being compensated correctly for that job. This is why we will compensate our employees correctly for their performance. It may cost us more up front, but we believe the difference it will make in our service will keep us ahead of the competition.

Home Cleaning Specialist

Sara Fine


Office Cleaning Specialist

Brett Fine